Abroad with Jord and Marine

All inlcusive surfy campertrips, family holidays and surfhouse hosted by passionated surfguide Jord Fortmann and his lovely wife Marine
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The Concept

of Abroad with Jord and Marine

It all started back in 2016 with a nine month campertrip along the shores of France all the way down to the southernmost parts of Morocco. People from all over the Netherlands joined me for a week or so to surf their brains out, broaden their own horizons and escape the ratrace called life.
The second trip was to Ireland and the third time I took off was to discover Brittany in France and oh boy I did!
There I fell in love with La Bretagne, it’s waves, landscape and…with Marine.
In the meanwhile We married and We live permanantly in a bigger camper. Still doing roadtrips with guests and in the summer we live at a private ocean front piece of land in France where we have a great time with  family and friends. Because these trips with us are so intimate you can expect cosy and togetherness both in and out of the water.
Being Abroad with us gives you the opportunity to lift your surfing skills to the next level, but also allows you to go back to basic by focusing on the little things in life…
I am an experienced traveler and so is Marine; knowing she grew up sailing around the world.
Together we offer you the all-inclusive vanlife experience or family holiday of a lifetime.
During your time abroad you can expect easy vibes, great food, even better surf guiding and, if you like, the best in-depth openminded conversations about life and the hassles we have to cope with on a daily basis.

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Since last Fall we welcome small groups of surfers in our home. Because our own CÔTE et RÊVE home has yet to be built we started with two groups in the family home of Marine in the picturesque town of St. Pierre Quiberon.

The surf was good and the vibes even better! So to say we had a great first experience and logically more will follow.

With this new direction we continue to follow the same idea.
We simply want to do what we’re best at and keep things simple.
Surfing, guiding and coaching but mainly just being in and around the ocean on a daily base.
To enjoy the simple things of life like spending qualitytime to cook and eat great food and to go outside to enjoy the natural surrounding during walks bikerides and S.U.P.-tours.
Above all we like to share this lifestyle in a spontanious way by welcoming small groups of people in our home.

That’s why we say ‘Chez Marine & Jord’

We expect the house to be finished in summer 2021. Before that time we will arrange temporary surf ‘home away from homes’ along the coast of ‘La Bretagne’.

Come visit us
in St. Pierre Quiberon, la France
650 /pppw
We'd love to welcome small groups of people who'd like to improve their surfing and enjoy good food even more.
  • 10th - 16th of October 2020
  • 17th - 25th of October 2020
  • 18 years of surfing coaching
  • The best local healthy meals you can imagine
  • Small groups of 6 to 8 people
  • Travel expenses not included

First sketch of the house we’re building

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Come as strangers, leave as friends!

How others experienced their stay with Jord and Marine in the camper, the surfhouse CÔTE et RÊVE or at 'le petit terrain' during a Family summer holiday. In case you want to read more reviews just check out our Facebook below.
"Absolutely wonderful holiday with Jord & Marine. Nature, good talks, great food & drinks and every day a new adventure. My son (5 years) and daughter (3 years) are still talking about their adventures with Jord & Marine and we plan to come back next year!." - Suzan, 40
"Where to start...Above all, Jord and Marine are awesome people, making the stay mire like visiting "good old" friends than really a booked all inclusive holiday. The food is fresh and delicious. Jord and Marine leave it up to you on how much freedom you want which is nice and makes for a spontanous trip depending on how you feel and what the weather / waves are up to. I dont usually book holidays. Due to a three month old baby though, I decided for once to make the holidays comfortable and it was the best decision ever to go. I would recommend them to everyone looking for a special, customized and especially not your average tourist trip. Then again, maybe i wont recommend it because I'd rather just go myself again " - Annelies
"When thinking back about one week CÔTE et RÊVE with Jord and Marine. The food was delicious, the surf was beautiful and my level of surfing has increased so much. I also loved the little 24 hr road trip with the camper to search for better waves. I loved everything and that's why i booked another trip next februari, looking forward to it" - Edwin
"Still enjoying the aftermath of a CÔTE et RÊVE week in Bretagne with the most caring, lovely and especially funny people! Marine and Jord are an absolute power couple. They are able to make you feel at home in just a few minutes...well, the super delicious food makes it quite easy to feel at home. I had an absolute blast and learned a lot on all fronts, but especially about surfing. Bellyache laughs, great conversations about life, sharing amazing surf with beautiful souls. It is all included!." - Cleo, 26
"I loved the week I spend with Jord and Marine at Côte er Reve in September so much. A week of relaxing, great company and lots of laughs in combination with awesome surfs (plenty of them!), great coaching and yummy oh so yummy food... means to me the best recipe for a good surf holiday. Very soon I will be joining Jord in the camper for a road trip in Portugal... so excited!" - Emma
"I had the most unforgettable week with Abroad with Jord! The food was amazing (I can't believe what he can do in a camper van), the beaches were incredible, and the company was the most fun. You'll catch some great waves and make some lasting friends - you won't regret Abroad with Jord!" - Eden
"From the moment we stepped off the train, Marine and Jord (with welcome Croissants in hand) took care of everything. One of my favorite things about the trip was that Jord and marine put a lot of thought into building a great itinerary for us, but they were also totally flexible in changing things up day to day" - Lindsey
"Wow what a nice week where we got the full CÔTE et RÊVE package of surfing, lovely food, surfmovies, a lot of laughs and also relax time. A place where you feel at home instantly. The Bonus camperroad trip of 2 days to a good surfspot was an absolute blast too!." - Felicia
"If you’re looking for a chill surf guiding and coaching ‘pro-couple’ that provides delicious, nutritious, healthy meals all day while you are on a road-trip visiting the best suiting surf spots, I would like to advise Jord and Marine. They will take you aboard on their cozy campervan and take care of you all the way ‘whatever floats your boa(r)t’… - Marc
''Jord is a nice host, a great surf coach, a humorist and an interesting sparring partner in case you want to go deeper into stuff!'' - David, 32
"Five days Abroad with Jord felt like being on a holiday for three weeks! Super relaxing, experiencing everything in the moment" - Astrid, 36
"Whether your focus is on surfing, being in nature or mindfulness: this is the ultimate escape, putting the ratrace on hold. I highly recommend this to anyone!" - Wieske, 35
"Go all inclusive on a down-to-earth level with Jord. Delicious Tajine on the beach for lunch, beautiful paddle along the Cote Sauvage and great surf in La Torche. He gives you the options, you decide." - Eef, 37
"Hij neemt je mee naar plekken die je zelf waarschijnlijk niet had gevonden, zorgt ervoor dat je jezelf nergens druk over hoeft te maken en het is een plezier om met hem in het water of rond de camper te liggen." - Maikel


Of course a fancy website is nice, but check out these iPhone shots to catch a glimpse of what life is like aboard. Just swipe left or right!

CJ Nelson Designs

2 nice modern logs which you can try out during your stay!

Test some high quality surfboards

from CJ Nelson Designs

I am privileged to be part of the surf the CJ Nelson Designs Family and to surf amazing high end modern- classic longboards. The good news is; it’s not only me who’s being lucky!

When you hop on for a trip you get to test, try and surf these amazing boards. This is the perfect opportunity to get a good idea of what model could work for you.

On my roof I have a 9’9 Colapinto and a 9’6 Guerrero waiting to be surfed by you!

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Upcoming trips

Dates and locations are flexible to suit your needs!


Join with friends and pay less

Join us for two weeks, or with a couple of friends, to get an even better deal!
For example, if you join us on a Roadtrip with two other friends for two weeks you can save up to 500.

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About surfing

By director, editor and cinematographer Patrick McMahon

“We all know that feeling that surfing gives us. Putting it down into words is difficult, but important because the better we communicate that feeling and share it. We’ll grow a culture that will benefit humanity and the planet.”

“Tom Blake was, amongst a lot of things, one of surfer’s earliest philosophers. He saw waves as a symphony of sound and shape or strange dimensions that we experience as a peculiar joy and an inner satisfaction when putting those forces to work beneath the board.”

“‘Cause maybe he said because that force is spiritual. If you think about surfing as any spiritual practice. It’s ofthen the popularity or glamour of it that draws you in. But over time with doing the thing overtakes that desire and the present moment opens up to you.”

“It’s funny because when you do arrive at that best most skilled version of yourself. That’s exactly the moment it matters the least to you because your free.”

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