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The Concept

of Abroad with Jord

It all started back in 2016 with a nine month trip along the shores of France all the way down to the southernmost parts of Morocco. People from all over the Netherlands joined me for a week or so to surf their brains out, broaden their own horizons and escape the ratrace called life.
Because these trips are so intimate you can expect my undivided attention both in and out of the water. Being Abroad with Jord gives you the opportunity to lift your longboard surfing skills to the next level, but also allows you to go back to basic by focusing on the little things in life.
I am an experienced traveler who offers you the all-inclusive vanlife experience of a lifetime. From time to time my girlfriend might hop on board as well to help out with all sorts of things. So during your time abroad you can expect great food, even better surf guiding and the best in-depth conversations about life and the hassles we have to cope with on a daily basis.


Come as strangers, leave as friends!

How others experienced being Abroad with Jord.
''Jord is a nice host, a great surf coach, a humorist and an interesting sparring partner in case you want to go deeper into stuff!'' - David, 32
"Five days Abroad with Jord felt like being on a holiday for three weeks! Super relaxing, experiencing everything in the moment" - Astrid, 36
"Whether your focus is on surfing, being in nature or mindfulness: this is the ultimate escape, putting the ratrace on hold. I highly recommend this to anyone!" - Wieske, 35
"Go all inclusive on a down-to-earth level with Jord. Delicious Tajine on the beach for lunch, beautiful paddle along the Cote Sauvage and great surf in La Torche. He gives you the options, you decide." - Eef, 37


Of course a fancy website is nice, but check out these iPhone shots to catch a glimpse of what life is like aboard. Just swipe left or right!

CJ Nelson Designs

4 models which you can try out during your stay!

European Test Center

for CJ Nelson Designs

I am privileged to be part of the surf the CJ Nelson Designs Family and to surf amazing high end modern- classic longboards. The good news is; it’s not only me who’s being lucky!

I’m also the only mobile European Test Center for CJ Nelson Designs, so when you hop on for a trip you get to test, try and surf these amazing boards. This is the perfect opportunity to get a good idea of what model could work for you.

On my roof I have a 9’4 Classic, 9’6 Guerrero, 9’4 Slasher and a 9’2 Sinner waiting to be surfed by you!

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Upcoming trips

Dates and locations are flexible to suit your needs!



Join me this Summer and Fall in France. With the Summer deal and Family surf trip we will stay near St. Pierre Quiberon. Our main spot will have a private beach front view owned by my girlfriend’s family. Dates aren’t set, so you can just contact me to come whenever you like.
When Fall comes we will start roadtripping in Nantes all the way through Bretagne to find the best surf. Swipe the image above to check the possible dates.

Porto > Faro


When Europe starts to cool down in November I’ll be heading down south. You can join me in the ultimate road trip along the west coast of Portugal from Porto to Lissabon and from Lissabon to Faro or spend a week with me around the stunning Southwesterly corner with it’s endless surf potential. Check out the dates that are still available by swiping the image above.



Sun, tajines and endless right hand point breaks! The final destination of the roadtrip will be Agadir, Morocco. You can hop on for a road trip or fly directly to Agadir so I can pick you up from the airport. If you’d like to check the spots that are still left, simply swipe the image above.


Join with friends and pay less

Join me for two weeks, or with a couple of friends, to get an even better deal!
For example, if you join me on a Roadtrip with two other friends for two weeks you can save up to 500.

Contact me to join the tripor to get an even better deal

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You can contact me via social media, the contact form or simply give me a call. Whatever you prefer.

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About surfing

By director, editor and cinematographer Patrick McMahon

“We all know that feeling that surfing gives us. Putting it down into words is difficult, but important because the better we communicate that feeling and share it. We’ll grow a culture that will benefit humanity and the planet.”

“Tom Blake was, amongst a lot of things, one of surfer’s earliest philosophers. He saw waves as a symphony of sound and shape or strange dimensions that we experience as a peculiar joy and an inner satisfaction when putting those forces to work beneath the board.”

“‘Cause maybe he said because that force is spiritual. If you think about surfing as any spiritual practice. It’s ofthen the popularity or glamour of it that draws you in. But over time with doing the thing overtakes that desire and the present moment opens up to you.”

“It’s funny because when you do arrive at that best most skilled version of yourself. That’s exactly the moment it matters the least to you because your free.”

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